[The Longest Ride]: “Love is selfish and give up”

It might not be a new thing to you when you hear it, “Love is selfish and give up”. Some of you might agree and some not, but it woud matter you when you become a person who suffers from this love quote. Let me tell you a story:


‘The Longest Ride’ is a romantic love story. It is a new released movie about a beautiful love of two couples. I would name it as ‘old couple’ and ‘young couple’. In the movie, a girl of young couple also learned of how to give up on her personal life (internship chance) for her boyfriend or beautiful love. So far, I have watched many romantic movies, and it’s my favorite genre. But this movie which I’ve just watched before yesterday taught me something, and I was awakened for somehow reasons.

You know what? Once upon of time, I could not understand when my friend gave up on me or betrayed me(I’m not sure but breaking promise should be called ‘betray’), choosing to be selfish for her boyfriend. I was upset of course, and I think you would too. Fortunately, while watching that movie, when the young girl called to her boss, telling she was going to give up her internship to be near her boyfriend; I was amazed when her boss answered, “It’s ok, i can understand that.”

So that boss was not even close to her but can forgive and understand her. That moment, I was like…wow… so love is everything, people can give up everything even their life for their love, and what is me? Who is me to a friend? It’s just a friend, right? Why she can’t give up? It became an easy answer to me, and I eventually easily understand the situation. Not because I didn’t understand the meaning of love, but because I also support the young girl in the movie to give up her internship, and also support her boss for not blame her on being irresponsibility. However, I still agree and support that her boss has a rights and not being wrong to blame her. It is a nice thing for not blaming, but it is also not a wrong thing for blaming. Because fault is still a fault. Just because you are building a beautiful love, it doesn’t mean you are right to hurt other people around you or being irresponsibility. And when you do something for your own benefit that can hurt or effect others, I think it is right to call ‘being selfish’. For instance, her boss’s company has to find another intern in urgent, wasting time and finance or more, who knows? Whose responsibility? So why can’t her boss blame her if she wants to. If you get what I mean~

In conclusion, I agree and it’s what i learned from that movie. It is a nice and beautiful movie you should not miss. I am more open minded about forgiving people when they try to be selfish for their love. Who knows, I might do it later and it would be the time I wish people understand me. But believe me, I would never try to ruin or hurt others like that just to be a good girlfriend or wife myself.


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