G20 Seoul Summit Special 6 – Final

Implications, Preparations, and Expectations

Implications and Expected Impact of the G20

The G20 Seoul Summit may be the biggest international event in contemporary Korean history. At this juncture where the developed world needs to build a cooperative system with emerging markets so as to tackle economic crises and set a new order for the global economy, Korea has been chosen as the leading member of the emerging markets club, as a bridge-maker. Successful hosting will lead to an improved global perception of Korea and increased confidence among the Korean people themselves. Also, the summit will be a golden opportunity to promote Korea’s rich past and present – its history, culture, tourism, art, technology– which would help to enhance the country’s international standing and prestige.

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Getting Ready for the Visiting Media

A government preparatory committee for the G20 Seoul Summit is getting ready for the influx of journalists from across the globe. About 4,000 journalists from more than 60 countries, including 1,700 reporters from overseas, have registered. The committee plans to run an information center providing interpretation in 14 languages. Also, Seoul City and other ministries have been preparing a press tour to a series of historical tourist attractions such as Gyeongbok Palace, the Han River, and DMZ. To safeguard visitors to the G20 summit, a total of 40,000 policemen and military forces will be mobilized, and all areas within a radius of 600 meters of the COEX will be subject to special security measures.

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Korean IT Firms Gearing Up for the G20

Korea’s telecom and technology firms are making last-minute preparations to use the G20 summit as a way to present their advanced technologies to the global leaders. Some of the features include multi-touch screen technology (visitors will be able to touch and feel the images); virtualization technology; 4-D image room; mobile IPTV services; 3W network wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA), Wi-Fi, WiBro; 3D TVs and LED displays and numerous others. Also, the G20 ICT Innovation Forum will be held on November 9-10, which is scheduled to be attended by many prominent CEOs of local and global IT firms such as AT&T, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, KT and LG CNS as well as the OECD and World Bank.

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Works of the Presidential Council on Nation Branding

1. Club of Madrid-Seoul Conference

Seoul Conference (on “G-20’s Role in the Post-Crisis World”) was held from September 1 to 2 at The Shilla Seoul, co-hosted by the Presidential Council on Nation Branding, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Club of Madrid. Seoul Conference was held to draw upon the knowledge and vision of eminent leaders ahead of the November Summit. The Club of Madrid is an independent organization composed of former heads of state and government, formed to promote democracy and change in the global community. Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, H.E. Wim Kok, is the current president of the Club.

2. Television Campaigns

On the occasion of the G20 Seoul Summit, the Council produced a number of television campaigns on global citizenship in partnership with private companies including Samsung, Hyundai Motors, Woori Bank, CJ Media, and YTN.

3. SNS (Social Network Services) Events

A variety of SNS events were held under the theme of the G20 Seoul Summit, including the UCC Video Contest with YouTube Season 4; “Images Come True” Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, mobile application; Online promotion campaign with Daum etc.

4. International Forums

Various international forums and discussions were held to seek ways to successfully host and promote the G20 Seoul Summit such as the Academic Conference on Korea’s Nation Brand (held on October 27), the Council’s International Advisory Forum, Experts Forum, Committee Meetings and other inter-agency meetings.

5. Others

Other G20-related projects include the Foreign Textbook Correction project (revising misinformation about Korea contained in the G20 member nations’ textbooks and vice versa); producing television programs on multiculturalism; foreign media outreach (publish feature articles on Korea); holding promotional events etc.

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Korea Communications Commission (KCC) will be hosting the G20 Communications Exhibition with Seoul Metropolitan City at the Seoul Plaza for 9 days from November 5 to 13. The event will provide the people of Korea as well as G20 delegates and the press with opportunities to experience the advanced broadcasting and communications technology of Korea.

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