My actions before arrive Korea

Trip to Jom Bork Waterfall

On 07/02/2010, after final exam of semester I, I and my korean classmates including my korean teacher, Lee Myung Hee, have had a trip together toward Jom Bork Waterfall, which is near Kirirom Waterfall.
Jom Bork Waterfall is a new nature resort which was just found, that뭩 why the way to there is a bit difficult but very interesting. If we want to visit there, we need to walk at least 3km. From the gate of Jom Bork Waterfall to Jom Bork Waterfall there뭩 5km. The first 2km we can travel by riding ox cart, a traditional traveling. One ox cart can contain 5 people, and the price of riding ox cart is not expensive; thus, we can enjoy with traditional traveling. Then the next 3km we need to walk.

This is riding ox cart 2km and walking 3km.

My missions

  1. The starting of my team
  2. My first mission
  3. My second mission
  4. My third mission
  5. My fourth mission

My fourth mission

in Kampong Speu province, 4th mission

20-Dec-2009: My fourth mission was in Kampong Speu province. According to the third mission which was related to the competition of Youths of Challenge, Mr. Te Sovan got success in that competition, so that he got a gift, and then he provided our team $100 for being grateful. That money, $100, was kept until this fourth mission. We spent $100 for this mission on transportation, food, books, dictionary books, pens, pencils, bread, and other else.

some fun after finish our work

After we finish our mission, I and some friends took some photos together while the other friends were preparing the lunch.

My third mission

22-July-2009: My second mission was in Kandal province, which is not so far from Phnom Penh city, but it was a very difficult journey. We went there for 2 purposes: the first one was to help the children there who lived in local area and were poor. Their school was small and had no enough equipment; they studied in the morning and had to help their parents in the afternoon. Most of their parents are farmer, so they needed to tend the cattle every day; they have no enough time to do homework or have some fun. The second one was to help my friend, Te Sovan, who joined the competition in Youths of Challenge. That’s why there was a group of CTN (Cambodian Television Network) joined our mission.

My second mission

in Steag Mean Chey primary school, 2nd missionin Steag Mean Chey primary school, 2nd mission

18-July-2009: My second mission was in Steag Mean Chey primary school, which located in Steag Mean Chey village, Phnom Penh city. We went there in purpose to teach them about HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), drug, and share them some fun together and also some good experiences or good advices. We prepared everything together, but only 3 of us went to Steag Mean Chey primary school because it was on Saturday; some of us were busy with the studying. Anyway, it didn’t need many people for this mission.

List of member’s attendance on second mission:

  1. Sophea: presenter
  2. Sarim Vituta: presenter
  3. Vy Lavorn: assistance and cameraman

There were 5 sessions:

1. Introducing our purpose

2. The presentation of Drug

3. The presentation of HIV

4. Playing some fun games together

5. Taking photos together

Here the list of our session:

  1. Introducing our purpose Sarim Vituta
  2. The presentation of Drug Presented by Sarim Vituta
  3. The presentation of HIVPresented by Sophea
  4. Playing some fun games togetherHIV game: SopheaQ&A+Gift: Sophea, Sarim Vituta
  5. Taking photos togetherAll together

Second mission’s expense:

• Books: 20 books = 14000R

• Pencils: 10 pencils = 4800R

• Other: 2000R

• Total: 20800R = 5.1 USD

My first mission

This is the action of our first mission in CCH (Center of Children’s Happiness) on 16/06/09. We have never done it before, that’s why it was very hard for us. Before we could go to perform and teach for those children, we had to ask permission from CCH first, and we had to follow their administration’s processing. We were just simple students and had no any experiences, so it was hard for them to trust on us. They didn’t know where we are from, what we are, what is our purpose, what can we do etc. They knew nothing about us; therefore, what we had to do was to persuade them. We had to explain them and do anything to show them that we can do it; we have strong purpose to help those children. Eventually, they gave us permission and prepared a place, time, and students/children (350 students) for us.

We went there for the purpose to celebrate The Against of Children Labour Day. There were 5 sessions which were prepared by us:

1. The declare of The Against of Children Labour Day

2. The presentation of children rights

3. The performing of “New hope” performance

4. Playing some fun games together

5. Taking photos together

We started from 8:00am to 12:00pm; we didn’t plan to play until 12:00pm because it is the lunch time. It was because of the number of the children, it was difficult to us to control our plan. All of them wanted to play game, but we didn’t have enough time; thus, we tried to do everything as we could to satisfy them.

Here the list of our session:

Here the list of our session:

1. The declare of The Against of Children Labour Day:

  • Written by Miss. Sea Rasksmey
  • Read by Miss. Mouk Tita Karona

2. The presentation of children rights

  • Presented by Mr. Te Sovan

3. The performing of “New hope” performance

  • Poor child: Vy Lavorn (me)
  • Poor child’s Mother: Lang Thavra
  • Poor child’s Father: Iv sovannara
  • Cake seller: Sea Rasksmey
  • CCH personnel office: Sokha, Jame
  • Students (good students): Thy Namhong, Mouk Tita Karona

4. Playing some fun games together

  • Playing guitar: Jame
  • Singing: Mouk Tita Karona, Komsot
  • Picture, Q&A… game: all members

5. Taking photos together

  • All members

The spending on this mission:

  • Books: 40 books = 2800R
  • Pencils: 30 pencils = 9500R
  • Other: 6000R
  • Total: 43500R = 10.6 USD

The starting of my team

I and my high school friends got a scholarship to study in the same university. One day the chancellor of our university called me and my friends to meet him in his office. At that time, he just told us that he wanted us to run a center which could help the society. He just gave the name of the center, Center of Volunteer students for Students and Society, and let us to run, make a project, and do everything by ourselves. It was not an easy thing to imagine because it was our first time, and we knew nothing about the administration work (we needed to write a formal letter for announcement). We started from zero point, from knowing nothing. We also got blame almost of day.

Actually, if we don’t want to run this center, we can refuse to the chancellor, but we wanted to make it as our experience and help the other people.

The first, my team has only 9 members (Women=7, Men=2): I, Sea Rasksmey (Team Leader), Prak Sophearot, Lang Thavra, Mouk Tita Karana, Iv Sovannara, Thy Namhong, Sarim Vituta, and Phalla Somalina, most of us come from Kampong Cham province. Then one of our members was busy and decided to leave from our team, but we are still a good friend. Now we have members more than 10 people.
Our problem is that we had no enough time and funds. We are so busy with our studying, yet we still share our time on this team. We meet each other every Sunday. We can do anything only on weekend or holiday. For the funds, we collect from each member whenever we set a mission. We can’t find any funds yet unless we strong it.



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